MBA Chaiwala owner Prafull Billore bought a car worth 1 crore

Prafull Billore, popularly known as MBA Chai Wala, has become a popular personality on social media. His inspiring success story has made him quite viral.

In 2017, after being an MBA dropout, he opened a tea stand opposite the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM) and never looked back. As his startup started becoming successful, he slowly climbed the ladder of success.

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Now, MBA Chaiwala has become a brand name and he runs several restaurant chains. Prafull Billaur is once again in the news. You will be surprised to know the reason. Prafull Billore recently bought a Mercedes worth Rs 1 crore and shared his happiness with the world by posting a video.

Prafull Billore shared a video of him buying a car on Instagram. In the video, Billore along with his family is seen buying a car at a Mercedes showroom and cutting a cake to celebrate. He has also written a message, which is like a success mantra. He wrote, “Billore Brothers. MBA Chaiwale. Hold the vision, trust the process.”

This viral video of MBA Chaiwala is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Three lakh users watched this video shared three days ago.

This video has got a lot of likes and comments. One user wrote in the comments, ‘Brother cool and congratulations.’ Another user wrote, “Congratulations on buying this wonderful car.” Apart from these two comments, many users have made similar comments on his post.

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