Kia India Launches CSD Delivery Scheme for Defense Personnel

Kia India has announced a new initiative exclusively for the defense personnel of India. The CSD delivery scheme aims to provide easy access to Kia cars for military personnel and their families. The program has already received over 100 bookings, and the company is expecting more in the coming days.

Making it easier for defense personnel to buy Kia

Kia India has started the CSD operations as a registered dealer, and the customers need to provide their required documents to avail the scheme. The first phase of the CSD delivery scheme will offer Kia Seltos delivery, which was recently delivered to Major General Vikel Sahni at Frontier Kia in Gurugram. The program will soon commence deliveries for the Sonet and Cairns at dealerships across the country for Army personnel.

Affordable cars for defense personnel

With the launch of the CSD initiative, Kia India is committed to providing affordable cars to defense personnel by offering them the best car deals, discounts, car finance, car insurance and hassle-free car delivery. Kia India is proud to partner with the true heroes of India, its defense personnel and make it easy for them to own a car. The CSD initiative is a special distribution scheme designed to provide access to Kia cars for defense personnel. The company is dedicated to increasing access to Kia cars for these heroes who have dedicated their lives to protecting our nation.

A milestone in the journey of Kia India

Myung-sik Sohn, Chief Sales & Business Officer, Kia India expressed his gratitude and said, “At Kia India, we are honored to serve India’s defense personnel with this new initiative. Another milestone in India, and a humble initiative. To partner with us in recognition of the immense contribution of our men and women in uniform in protecting this great nation. The launch of CSD Delivery is a tribute to real-life heroes. A promising step forward to contribute and introduce them to the exciting world of Kia. One that inspires everyone.”

Kia India is committed to provide high quality cars at affordable prices to the defense personnel and their families. The company’s latest CSD initiative is a testament to this commitment, making it easy for these heroes to own a car and take advantage of Kia’s innovative technology and design. With the launch of this program, Kia India hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of India’s defense personnel and their families.

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