Is it impossible to steal a Rolls Royce car?

Today we will tell you a great safety feature of a Rolls Royce car and why stealing a Rolls Royce car is almost impossible. Rolls Royce has developed SVT technology for the safety of its car. What is SVC Technology, it stands for Stolen Vehicle Tracker Technology. Under this technology, when any car of Rolls Royce is moving, it can be locked up to an accuracy of 10 meters.

It is almost impossible to steal a Rolls Royce car.

Meaning the owner of Rolls Royce knows every second where his car is moving? Even if someone stole a Rolls Royce car, there is an option called Engine Start Inhibited in the Rolls Royce car. This means that the engine of the moving vehicle can be turned off. By doing this the vehicle stops immediately and the thief can be caught by identifying the vehicle.

Can a Rolls Royce car be towed and stolen?

In such a situation, the question arises that if a person lifts the car without turning on the engine of the car or if the vehicle is taken by towing, then in this way the Rolls Royce can be stolen. Rolls Royce has an alert called Tow Away, if the engine is off and the vehicle is moving then an alert is sent to the owner and the vehicle can be tracked through GPS. If someone tries to steal a Rolls Royce car by towing it, a message will be sent to the owner, someone is towing your car and where is it going? So no one can tow a Rolls Royce car.

Can a Rolls Royce car be hacked?

As we all know, theft of vehicles has become very advanced now. The entire system can be hacked. For this, Rolls-Royce has come up with the latest Temper Alert Hacking System. Under this, if any wire or any external device is installed in a Rolls-Royce vehicle or the internal system is tampered with, Rolls-Royce will immediately send a Temper Alert, to inform the winner that any external device has been installed in the vehicle. In fact, if a pen drive is used to play a song, then this type of alert is sent.

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Rolls-Royce takes a lot of care not only on its performance but also on the safety of the car. If you liked the given information, then do share it with your friends and family.

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