Indus NX Electric Scooter Gives 480+ Range – Price 1.9 Lakh

Indus NX Electric Scooter

INDUS NX Electric Scooter Gives 480+ Km Range

Indus NX Electric Scooter:- Mumbai-based Raft Motors recently announced a new electric scooter named Indus NX. The scooter comes with advanced features like reverse gear, theft alarm, keyless-start, remote-locking, and stylish disc brakes. It also includes a child-safe parking mode.

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Raft Motor’s Indus NX scooter comes in a total of three variants. Expect swinging features like Ola scooters and Simple Energy One.

There are a total of 3 variants in this electric scooter and the details of those 3 variants are known. The base variant comes with a removable 48V 65Ah lithium-ion battery pack that is rated to offer a range of up to 156 km and is priced at Rs 1,18,500.

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The second variant has a 48V 135Ah non-removable battery pack, will offer a range of up to 324 km, and is priced at Rs 1,91,976.

The top variant has a dual-battery option with a total capacity of 9.6kWh and supports 10A fast charging as well. It can offer a range of up to 480+ km on a single charge and is priced at Rs 2,57,431.

The company already has a dealership presence in 550 cities in India. It is set to set up dealerships in every district of India by March 2022 and in every country across the world by March 2023.

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