How to get Ola Electric dealership and how to register.

How to get Ola Electric dealership

How to get Ola Electric dealership: Today we talk about Ola Electric which is an electric division of Ola, where they have already launched Ola S1 and S1 Pro scooters. Let’s talk today about their offline plans and how you too can be a part of their business model.

The concept that Ola works at right now is to reach the model directly to the customer, to ensure that they can make their vehicles available at a better price and that is why they do not have any dealership option as of now.

But is the title of this article not talking about dealership business and how we can earn money? Well, the point of the article is that there are many articles and WhatsApp messages which tell you that there is a way by which you can become a part of Ola Electric through the dealership and ask you to pay the security deposit or registration fee but in these None of this is authorized or declared by Ola Electric.  

They ask for up to Rs 50,000 which is not a huge amount for a person planning to start a dealership store, as the amount is generally in lakhs and hence people are ready to do NEFT/Bank/Gpay transfers. and then eventually realize that they have been scammed.   Do note that if a company is offering the dealership option, they do have a listing on their official website, but there is no such listing on the official website of Ola. I got thousands of comments on various websites where people are interested in taking a dealership and ready to get it and even paying any amount to random people.  

In short, stop paying and don’t read any news on the internet that says Ola dealership has opened, which is not officially known yet and there is a lot of work to be done in the near future. If you think this article was useful then do share it with friends and family.

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