How much petrol is left in the tank after the bike comes into the reserve?

How Much Petrol is in Reserve Tank in Bike

How much petrol is in reserve tank in bike– Many times it happens that while riding a bike on the way, due to the exhaustion of all the petrol inside the petrol tank, suddenly the bike stops anywhere. It is very normal, happens to many people. Maybe it would have happened to you too. You can read it in Hindi.

The best way to avoid this is that you should know the reserve tank capacity of your bike. When the bike is in reserve, then how much petrol is left in the tank. The reserve tank capacity of each bike is different. So today we will discuss this topic.

This article is not for those people who always ride their bikes in reserve. Always running the bike in reserve does not cause any problem. No damage to carburetor and engine. Those who drive the bike in reserve, they have to guess from the fuel indicator of the bike.

In this, some people are pro, who shake the bike and guess how many kilometers the bike will go now. This estimate is not 100% accurate and the bike can stop at any point. That’s why I would suggest you do not always drive the bike in reserve.

Whenever the petrol of your bike runs out, you can put the bike in reserve and run it. After this, you should know 2 things. Firstly, what is the reserve tank capacity of your bike, and secondly what is the mileage of your bike. It’s not too difficult to find out. You can find out by clicking on the link given below or you can find out by looking in the guidebook that comes with the bike.

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Bike Mileage:-

reserve tank capacity

If the reserve tank capacity of the bike is 2 liters and the mileage is 50, then you will know that your bike can run around 100 km. So you can fill its encoding petrol. If you want, you can fill petrol immediately or you can fill it even after 50-60 km.

If you maintain petrol like this, then your bike will never stop suddenly due to running out of petrol anywhere on the way. Those who ride bikes for a long time, especially those people, should maintain the petrol of the bike in this way. So how did you like this article, do tell us by commenting, and if we must have missed something, then definitely tell that too in the comment.


  1. Does fuel tank capacity include reserve?

    Yes, fuel tank capacity is inclusive of reserve capacity.

  2. What is fuel tank reserve capacity?

    When the fuel runs out in the vehicle, the vehicle stops anywhere, to avoid this, 10-12% of the fuel is kept in reserve in the vehicle so that you can take the vehicle to the fuel pump, it is called reserve capacity.

  3. How does a reserve tank work?

    Whenever the vehicle runs out of fuel, some fuel is kept in reserve to keep the vehicle running, due to which the vehicle runs for a few kilometers after running out of fuel.

  4. how much petrol in reserve tank in bike?

    The reserve tank of the bike contains 10-15% petrol of the tank's capacity.

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