Ethanol will be used instead of petrol – cheaper than diesel

Petrol and diesel prices are increasing tremendously in India. So the company is exploring its alternative. Ethanol is currently considered to be the biggest alternative to petrol and diesel. Ethanol is also called flex fuel and it is slightly cheaper than expensive fuel, that is why all the big automobile companies of the world are developing engines running on flex fuel. In India, the first vehicle to run on flex fuel can be launched in a month or two.

Toyota, one of India’s largest car manufacturing companies, is all set to launch India’s first flex-fuel car. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari can launch this car. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has been pressurizing car companies to make flex-fuel cars for the past few months. Flex fuel will also help the country’s farmers a lot and the country’s economy will also improve.

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35 percent of the country’s pollution is caused by vehicles running on fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. In such a situation, fuels like ethanol should be developed so that pollution is less and at the same time it is cheaper and more indigenous than fossil fuels. This information was given by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari at the 62nd Annual Conference of the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India.

The Government of India announced the scheme for Flex Fuel in 2020 itself. Under this plan, a target of 20 percent ethanol blending was set by 2030, which was later extended to 2025. Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently said that if India was able to use 20 percent ethanol blending in petrol by 2025, the country would save around Rs 1 lakh crore of foreign exchange. Also, ethanol production will change the entire economics of the petroleum sector in the near future. Achieving the target of 20 percent ethanol blending will save the country about Rs 1 lakh crore of foreign exchange every year. Ethanol blending will also help in curbing the rising prices of petrol and diesel.

Amit Shah further said, if the dependence on crude oil is to be reduced, then flex fuel is a good option. The production of flex-fuel was around 172 million tonnes in 2011-12, which has now increased to 212 million tonnes in 2021-22. Efforts are going on all over the world to increase it. India has formulated a systematic and scientific ethanol policy to achieve this. The US currently produces 55 percent of ethanol and Brazil produces 27 percent of ethanol. Same India is currently producing only three percent ethanol.

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