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Couple romance on sports bike went viral, shocking act

Some youngsters risk their lives by doing stupid things on social media to become famous and get a few likes. People are ready to do anything to go viral. In the recent past, several cases of romance on bikes have come to the fore on social media. Some of them shoot videos themselves and some couples’ videos have been made viral by other people. It is really dangerous to drive like this.

A new video is going viral on social media. In this video, a young man and a young woman are seen sitting on a sports bike. A young man is riding a sports bike, while a young woman is sitting on top of the tank in front. Both are wearing helmets. Along with this, small bags are also visible behind both.

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As they ride their bikes together, the boy suddenly takes his hand off the handlebar and leans over. He takes out a rose flower and expresses his love by giving it to the girl. The girl also takes a rose flower in her hand.

Many girls like and fall in love with guys who do something like this, but what is the value of a life spent taking such a risk? They don’t think about it at all.

In the video, a bike is seen moving fast on the road. If the balance had deteriorated even a little, both would have fallen and gotten injured. Many people have given different reactions to this video, but it is not yet known whether the police has taken action on it or will do so.

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