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Booking of world’s first flying bike started – Price is just

Technology has made it a lot easier. Till yesterday, cars and bikes were seen running on the roads, but soon they will be seen flying in the sky. The flying bike has been discussed for many years, but now the jetpack company has started booking for the flying bike. Eight jet engines have been used in this bike, which can cover a distance of 96 km in just 30 minutes. Let’s know about this bike.

Flying bike design

The bike has four jet engines, but these will be increased to eight in the final design. Two jet engines will be installed at each corner, which will not create any problems while riding. It can easily lift weights up to 250 kg.

How much will the bike cost?

This flying bike has been made by Jetpack Aviation Company. The company has started booking the bikes and the starting price of this bike is Rs 3.15 crores. This flying bike will be launched in the next 2 to 3 years.

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What technology is used

Fly-by-wire technology has been used in the Flynd bike. It will be controlled from the button provided in the handgrip. One button is for take-off and land, while the other button is for controlling speed and direction.

What if the fuel runs out in the air?

The most important question is, what if the pilot is in the air and runs out of fuel? In such a situation, a parachute is needed to bring the pilot back safely. However, the company has not given any information about this yet.

What if there is an obstacle while flying?

In terms of safety, the controlling unit sensor has been used in the bike. The automatic system will avoid hitting buildings, trees, or other objects during the journey.

Flying bike top speed

The world’s first flying bike can go up to a top speed of 400 kmph. However, it is not easy to fly this car in the air at this speed. The company claims that a trained pilot can easily fly this bike at an altitude of 16,000 feet.

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