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Best selling car brands in December 2021

Best selling car brand in December 2021 – Tata Motors breaks all records

By the time 2021, no one would have thought that these car companies would be given such a big blow. Just last month, we were guessing that it would take at least 1 to 2 years for Tata Motors to achieve this level, but Tata Motors achieved that level only in 2021. Also, Kia Motors, who was once fighting Tata for the third position, was then fighting Mahindra for the fourth position but has come down considerably in December. So let’s talk about Best selling car brands in December 2021. आप इसे हिंदी में भी पढ़ सकते है।

15. Citroen


Citroen is in the fifteenth position, this company has sold only 24 vehicles in the month of December. Only one model of this company C5 Aircross is currently available in the Indian market and all this is its sale.

14. Force Motors

Force Motors

Indian company Force Motors is in the 14th position, with only 145 cars sold in the month of December. Force Gurkha’s Next Generation has been launched recently and has not created any market turmoil since its launch.

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13. Jeep


The company, which has a jeep in the 13th position, has sold only 916 cars in the month of December. Compass, the only jeep car in India for the last 3-4 years, is much loved in India. The jeep’s compass is the highest sold in the month of December as well.

12. MG


Morris garage is in the twelfth position, MG has sold 2550 vehicles in the month of December. Hector, Hector Plus Aster, and GV Electrical are the four products available in the Indian market. Despite that, sales to this company have come down significantly.

11. Nissan


At the eleventh position is Nissan, which has sold 3010 vehicles in the month of December. Nissan’s Magnet is one of the most loved ones in India and offers the highest value for money package in its segment. The sales of this vehicle could have been even better having Nishan’s after-sales services been equally good.

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Top 10 Car Brands With Best Sellers In December 2021

10. Skoda


At the tenth position is Skoda, which has overtaken MG and Nissan to come in the top 10 positions, last month Skoda was at the twelfth position. This company has sold 3234 vehicles in the month of December. The most liked vehicle of this company is Kushaq and this company sedan is also very much liked in the Indian market. The company is going to launch Salvia Sedan in the Indian markets this month.

9. Volkswagen


The ninth position is Volkswagen, Volkswagen has sold 3700 vehicles in the month of December. This company is the most active in India at the moment and is launching new products one after the other and most of them are SUVs and people are also liking those vehicles.

8. Renault


At the eighth position is Renault, Renault has sold 6130 vehicles in the month of December. There are only a few companies in the market that understand the mind makeup of Indian customers. In my view, Renault is one of the few companies that have started understanding the mindset of the Indian customers and are launching vehicles accordingly and they are also getting strong responses.

7. Kia


Kia is in the seventh position, which has dropped from the fourth position and has come straight to the seventh position. Kia Motors has been able to sell only 7797 vehicles in the month of December. The sales of this company’s vehicles are slowly decreasing. But still, like this company used to sell 15 to 16 thousand vehicles every month, but in December they have been able to sell only half. There was a time when it was fighting for the Third Largest Company of India from Tata Motors. Soon this company is going to launch its MUV Carens in the Indian market, let’s see what Carens does in the Indian market.

6. Honda


Honda is in the sixth position, which has sold 7973 vehicles in the month of December. The company has not launched any new vehicle in the Indian market for a long time. But the vehicles which are already available have been facelifted and next-gen. Now there is a need for a new vehicle, it is heard that Honda is preparing a new SUV for the Indian market which will be launched in the Creta segment.

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Top 5 Car Brands With Best Sellers In December 2021

5. Toyota


Toyota is in the fifth position, Toyota has sold a total of 10,832 vehicles in the month of December. Toyota has also not launched any new vehicle for a long time. Putting its own batch of Maruti vehicles, it has definitely started standing at its showroom. But if we talk about Toyota’s own vehicles like Fortuner and Innova Crysta, then the sales of both the vehicles are getting tremendous.

4. Mahindra


Mahindra is in the fourth position, which has sold 15,338 vehicles in the month of December. Even though Mahindra’s XUV700 has shaken the entire Indian market, but if we talk about the delivery which the company is not able to do, due to which it is still in the fourth position. As the XUV700 is in demand, if Mahindra starts to fill it up, Mahindra will soon overtake Tata and Hyundai to take the second position.

3. Hyundai


The third position is Hyundai, Hyundai Motors has sold 32,312 vehicles in the month of December. Hyundai has been selling almost the same number of vehicles for the last few months. But Hyundai’s second position was never snatched away. But in the month of December, something happened which had never happened in years.

2. Tata Motors

Tata Motors

Tata Motors has made its place after beating Hyundai at the second position, in the month of December, Tata Motors has sold a total of 35,300 vehicles. With this, Tata Motors has emerged as India’s second-largest company.

On the one hand, the sales of every company are going down, either the vehicles are not in demand, even if they are in demand, the companies are not able to fulfill and on the other hand, looking at Tata, it does not seem that there is any shortage of semiconductors. As much as the demand for vehicles is coming, they are going on doing fulfill. Tata Motors has a long waiting list for every vehicle. Tata Motors has grown very fast in 2021.

1. Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki

As usual, the first position is followed by Maruti Suzuki, which has sold 1,13,851 vehicles in the month of December.

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So this was the complete data, which company sold how many vehicles for the month of December? If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends and family.

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