Anand Mahindra told how much the Ambassador cost in 1972

Ambassador was very popular once upon a time. Politics, administration and even film level have used this car. Many people like this car even today. Hindustan Motors launched the Ambassador car in 1957. This car was based on a British car. It ruled the hearts of people till the 80s but after Maruti Suzuki came to India, the popularity of this car declined, due to which the production of this car was stopped in 2014.

What was the cost of the ambassador?

Anand Mahindra has recently posted a photo of a 1972 Ambassador car price on social media. Significantly, this photograph was taken during India’s first oil crisis in 1972 and has been circulated 50 years later. The headline of this news is “Car prices hiked”. After reading this news it is understood that in 1972 the price of the Ambassador car increased by Rs 127 to Rs 16,946. Everyone is surprised to read this price. Anand Mahindra himself has said so.

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Anand Mahindra used to drive Blue Fiat

Recalling his college days, Anand Mahindra said, “It brought back my ‘Sunday memories’. I was in JJ College then. I used to go by bus. But my mother sometimes gave me her blue Fiat car. Allowed to run. But then I hardly thought it would cost so much,” he tweeted.

Still, people found it expensive

Users reacted to the post like: “In 1972 my father bought an ambassador car for Rs 18000 on road.” Another user wrote, “It’s expensive.” Another user expressed concern over the depreciation of the Indian Rupee. One wrote, “I see how the value of the rupee is falling with time. Today Rs 15,000 gets us two tires of a car. But we would have got a car if that 15,000 was put in gold.”

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